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He was born to pay a debt He did not owe.

We were born owing a debt to Him that we can not pay.

No matter where you live on this planet or
what language the words are spoken in,
the message will still remain the same.

From Around The World

Peace on Earth
   Across The Universe   

During this festive season, people begin humming their favorite carols.
Even though most of these songs are well loved and have been around
for a long time, whether they would be recognizable under different titles
is questionable. Try to see how many you can identify. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

1. Small City in Judea 2. Colorless Yuletide 3. Singular Yearning for Twin Anterior Incisors 4. Righteous Darkness 5. Loyal Followers Advance 6. Weather: Cloudless - Arrival Time - 2400 Hours Local 7. Far Off in a feeder 8. Array the Corridors 9. Monarchial Triad 10. Youthful Percussionist 11. Nocturnal noiselessness 12. Father Christmas En Route to Borough 13. Initial Christmas 14. Frozen Precipitation Commence 15. Proceed and Enlight on the Pinnacle 16. The Quadruped with the Vermilion Proboscis 17. Query Regarding Identity of Descendant 18. Delight for this Planet 19. Give Attention to the Melodious Celestial beings 20. Hence Arriveth Kris Kringle 21. To Decry Matriarchal Osculation of Yuletide Anthropomorph 22. At the Zenith of the Habitat 23. Endocarpe Vesicated in a Conflagration 24. Jehovah Dulcify Blithe Chevaliers 25. The Dozen Festive 24 Hour Intervals

If by chance you may have been stumped on some of the titles,
you can get a complete list by going to 25-carols puzzle

"Happy Birthday Jesus"

I asked my granddaughter, then 8 yrs old, to draw a picture of what Christmas meant to her.
Without guidance from anyone at all the above drawing of the nativity scene was created.
It is done in her own incomparable style with the central focus on the sleeping baby Jesus.
We have seen the smile on the face of children that are asleep and wondered of what they
are dreaming. It could be of His dream each child still knows, the Hope for Peace on Earth.

** Thank you Kaitlynn for your artwork of a very nice Christmas reef **

Merry Christmas
The hope that He brings

This night we pray
Our lives will show
This dream He had
Each child still knows
We are waiting
We have not forgotten

On this night
On this very Christmas night

Above is a photo of Kaitlynn portraying the role of Mary at a church Christmas program.

This video conveys the above words with song.

This video reminds me of someone, by now I think you should know her name.


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